“The girls were all so kind and thoughtful. I always felt more optimistic after their visits.”
- Janice M. Cole
Spiritual Care
  • What am I hoping for these days?
  • What am I afraid of?
  • What have I accomplished?
  • What have I left undone?
  • How am I making sense of what’s happening in my life?

At critical times in our lives these and other questions often rise within. Whether one’s spirituality is closely tied to a particular denomination or religion, or deeply personal and often beyond words (or a mix of both), it is common to our human experience.

One person’s spirituality may have to do with finding hope in life and meaning in death. For another it may have to do with facing fears and seeking peace. For another it may involve exploring questions about God, life after death, guilt and forgiveness, relationships past and present – and what I hope to pass on to others.

Spiritual care involves finding a “safe space” to explore without judgment or imposed belief systems. It calls for someone to listen, supporting clients and their families through this important time in their lives.

The hospice chaplain makes contact with clients and families to ask if there are ways he can be of help, either by visiting himself or by arranging for contact from clergy or others of a particular tradition.

For more information regarding spiritual care you may contact our Chaplain at 524-8444 or 569-2729.